Want to try PADS yourself? Two great options—try PADS in the cloud, or download time-limited software for use on your desktop.

TRy PADS VX in the Cloud

Experience the capabilities of PADS VX first-hand with virtual labs. You'll have immediate, hands-on access to a variety of PADS features, with built-in data files and tutorials for the PADS environment.

Experience the robust analysis functionality of PADS VX including pre-layout signal integrity analysis, post-layout signal integrity analysis, and post-layout thermal analysis. Pre-Layout and Post-Layout Analysis Virtual Lab

Creating rules and constraints is easy with PADS VX constraint management. Constraint Management Virtual Lab

With PADS VX, full library management is easy. See for yourself as you work with the tool. Library Management Virtual Lab

See how PADS VX meets extensive PCB layout needs including parts placement, interactive routing, manual routing of high speed nets, and auto-routing. Placement & Routing Virtual Lab

See how you can achieve superior schematic design with PADS VX. Explore the schematic design workspace, new schematic creation, component management and schematic parts wiring. Schematic Capture Virtual Lab

Try PADS on your desktop

Download PADS

PADS VX traditional download (time-limited evaluation)

Download the VX release of PADS (1.7 GB download). Install it on your system, and use PADS for a limited time.