PADS Routing - Increase Your Productivity Today



This webinar shows how you can increase your productivity while adhering to design rules. It's easy with the powerful interactive and automated routing capabilities of the PADS ES Suite.

PCB Routing is no longer as simple as "connecting the dots." Today's electronic products require designers to follow stringent rules to ensure that designs can be manufactured quickly, while still meeting all PCB design guidelines and high-speed requirements.

What You Will Learn

  • How to add design rules and high-speed constraints to your design
  • How to use unique interactive routing capabilities to meet design constraints
  • How to set automatic routing strategies and use selective routing for high completion rates
  • How to use PADS AutoRouter to test multiple placement and rule strategies while doing other tasks

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Brent Klingforth

Brent Klingforth worked at HP for 10 years as an R&D tech and a PCB designer. He currently works for Oasis Sales as their Senior Application Engineer specializing in Schematic, PCB, and Manufacturing products. He has worked with engineering tools for 20+ years with roles including PCB design, tool training, customer support, consulting and is an IPC certified designer.

Who Should View

  • PCB designers and engineers looking to increase their productivity
  • PCB designers and engineers seeking to increase their knowledge of PADS AutoRouter

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