Get started designing immediately! Expand your library with fast land pattern creation. Included with every seat of PADS.

  • Built-in wizard creates IPC-compliant land patterns in minutes
  • Save, store, and reference component dimensional data and land pattern design rules
  • Enables you to search more than 10,000 land patterns

Learn how PADS land pattern creation works

LP Wizard is the only CAD library-generation tool approved by IPC, enabling you to build IPC-7351B compliant CAD library parts, or create customized parts from personal rule files, in just minutes. . View Video

Land pattern creation is quick and easy with LP Wizard. Build and manage your CAD library and documentation with proven technology from IPC. View Video

Learn more about land pattern creation

Creating new land patterns with the PADS Land Pattern Creator is fast and easy. See how easy it is to make a new QFP land pattern in only a few minutes. View Video

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