PADS provides powerful land pattern generation capabilities for CAD library generation. Approved by IPC, PADS enables you to build IPC-7351B compliant CAD library parts or easily create customized parts in minutes. Included with every seat of PADS.

Quick Land Pattern Creation with PADS

You can quickly browse thousands of electronic components to find an exact or near-match for your component datasheet, and then calculate land-pattern geometries directly from the component data. Intuitive calculators display the component, dimensions, land- pattern, land-pattern name, and a link to the component datasheet on the manufacturer’s website.

Import Thousands of Parts in Minutes

With PADS you can add thousands of parts to your library with a single mouse click. Set up your CAD library preferences and import a PLB file into the wizard. Within minutes, you will have a fully customized CAD library containing thousands of parts in your native library within PADS.

CAD Export

PADS includes CAD export abilities for creating parts from existing PLB data or new component dimensions. You can export parts one by one or as a group, to use directly in PADS.

  • Built-in wizard creates IPC-compliant land patterns in minutes
  • Save, store, and reference component dimensional data and land pattern design rules
  • Enables you to search more than 10,000 land patterns

Learn how PADS land pattern creation works

With PADS land pattern creator you can create custom and IPC-compliant land patterns up to 90% more quickly, and much more accurately, than with manual part creation. View

Land pattern creation is quick and easy with LP Wizard. Build and manage your CAD library and documentation with proven technology from IPC. View

Learn more about land pattern creation

Creating new land patterns with the PADS Land Pattern Creator is fast and easy. See how easy it is to make a new QFP land pattern in only a few minutes. View

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Cloud-based Virtual Labs

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Start using PADS VX in minutes - without downloading and installing software. Our online PADS VX virtual lab gives you the complete PADS experience and workflow immediately.

  • Schematic capture
  • Pre- and post-route signal integrity analysis
  • PCB layout and routing

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