During this virtual lab you'll walk through the basic steps of designing a printed circuit board with PADS. Request Virtual Lab

We'll cover:

  • Schematic capture
  • Pre- and post-route signal integrity analysis
  • PCB layout and routing

What's included

  • Free 14-day trial of PADS 9.5
  • Hands-on lessons:
    • Design capture and CIS
    • Simulation and analysis
    • Layout and routing


  • Fully operational software in our exclusive virtual lab environment
  • No installation required; access instantly from most web browsers
  • Use anywhere: Work, home, while traveling
  • Self-paced evaluation with helpful lab guides

How it works

  • Remote access to a computer in the cloud preloaded with PADS 9.5
  • Access in 2-hour sessions with the ability to extend in 1-hour increments
  • Access for 14 days; your work is preserved between sessions
  • Also access with any HTML5-compliant browser