24 Feb, 2015

John McMillan The CAD Library White Paper Series: Part 1 – Molded Body Parts The CAD library is the starting point that affects every process from PCB layout through PCB manufacturing and assembly. There are dozens of things to consider when creating a CAD library. Each can directly affect the quality of the part placement, via fanout, trace routing, post processing, fabrication and assembly processes. Yet, … Read More

23 Jan, 2015

John McMillan New Designer premium editions with unlimited connections are now available on DigiKey.com! Thats right!, our EDN 2014 “Hot 100″ award winning Designer professional design tools, based on xDX Designer and PADS Layout for engineers are now offered in both 1500 and unlimited connection editions. Designer products seamlessly integrate with PartQuest, a new component research engine tied directly … Read More

14 Jan, 2015

John McMillan Cool Earth Solar designs and develops solar products to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. The company has created a scalable, low-cost solution to develop industrial power plants using concentrated photovoltaic technology. “We strive to reduce the most expensive part of the solar collector — the solar cell itself,” says Scott French, Senior Electrical Engineer, “by increasing the power … Read More

5 Jan, 2015

John McMillan Long gone are the days of manually backing up and archiving PCB design data or running scripts or routines that bundle-up a targeted set of design files in a time-stamped zip file. Proper archives are essential, not only to back up design data but to manage, share and leverage the design data as well. The latest design archiving tools provide a powerful design-driven storage methodology that not only … Read More

29 Dec, 2014

2014 In Review - PADS Highlights

Posted by John McMillan

John McMillan 2014 was a very busy and exciting year for PADS. Here is a look back at the top 3 PADS blog topics of 2014! NEW – In 2014 the PADS.com website was launched. Now it is easier for everyone–from existing PADS users to interested explorers–to gain access to everything PADS! www.PADS.com NEW – PADS VX Release ! The PADS VX release brings the industry a complete approach to desktop PCB design, … Read More

18 Dec, 2014

What you don’t know . . .

Posted by Larry Stones

Larry Stones

The old saying is, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Well, consider this story. I was teaching a schematic capture class and in that class were a number of people who had used the tool in question for six or more years. As I showed one really good feature, one of those people responded with, “If I had known that two weeks ago, I would have saved myself two days’ worth of work.” He had taught himself

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11 Dec, 2014

John McMillan Congratulations to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, United States Category: Military & Aerospace  – End Product: Spacecube Processor DESIGN TEAM: Dave Petrick, D.Albaijes, Banks Walker This design is used in a multitude of applications for solving complex science data processing requirements as well as those that require a radiation hardened and reliable solution, including space systems. Design … Read More

9 Dec, 2014

Touch Screen Use in PCB Design?

Posted by John McMillan

John McMillan PCB design engineers have had the front row seat to the evolution of touch screen technologies. In this HMI (human machine interface) driven world inwhich we now live, touch screens continue to replace buttons and keyboards in nearly every industry. Today’s “Generation Z”, carry around smartphones and have likely never had to press keys to make a call or to text a message. Many of … Read More

30 Nov, 2014

John McMillan Today, it’s hard to imagine a GPS that doesn’t list landmarks, street names, or even exit numbers. Every bit of visual information we can get from map symbols and text makes navigating easier and faster. The same is true for a PCB, yet we often overlook a great opportunity to provide a wealth of information about our PCB’s design on the silkscreen. The information we can, and should, supply on … Read More

19 Nov, 2014

3D Printers for Printed Circuit Boards!

Posted by John McMillan

John McMillan Technology companies have been using 3D printers for years now for everything from rapid prototypes, product development and data visualization. Models for everything from industrial electronics, to fashion jewelry to teeth have been 3D printed. Since 2005, versions of 3D printers have even become available and affordable for the serious hobbyist.  Imagine, instead of having to run to the store to buy … Read More

12 Nov, 2014

Standing Room Only @PCBCarolina 2014

Posted by John McMillan

John McMillan Raleigh, NC — The premier show for printed circuit board design and manufacturing in the Southeast, PCB Carolina Conference & Exhibition, returned to the McKimmon Center at NC State University on November 5 and what an eventful day it was! The standing-room-only keynote address was delivered by Dr. Eric Bogatin whose talk entitled “The Future of Circuit Boards in the 28 Gbps Regime: Is the … Read More

6 Nov, 2014

Jim Martens

Did you hear the news? On Tuesday, Digi-Key announced the availability of Designer Schematic and Designer Layout. These are professional design tools, based on xDX Designer and PADS Layout for engineers who need the quality of high-end PCB schematic capture and layout, but at a very affordable price. The Designer products seamlessly integrate with PartQuest, a new component research engine tied directly

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3 Nov, 2014

Danit Atar PCB design is a complicated task, partially because each design task has an effect on the outcome of the rest of the design stages. Get your ducks in a row ! Of course, you need to design your schematic, make sure you have no signal- and power-integrity issues, place your components, route your board, make sure your design can be manufactured, and so forth. But how much more complicated is it when … Read More

27 Oct, 2014

Danit Atar We all know creating and managing part libraries is not an easy task; it’s time consuming, error prone, and requires constant maintenance.  If you have ever tried using a library that you built with one design tool in a different design tool, you probably got an additional set of problems, starting from schematic parts that don’t reference the correct footprint name, to schematic parts that don’t have … Read More

22 Oct, 2014

John McMillan

If you’ve never attended the PCB Carolina electronics trade show – you have been missing out! This FREE event will be held Nov. 5th at the McKimmon Center at NC State University in Raleigh, NC. Organized by the RTP (Research Triangle Park) Chapter of the IPC Designers Council. This show offers education, networking, and a vendor exhibition presenting components, products, software, and services

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