TechValidate surveys PADS users - Collects more than 30 Case Studies

TechValidate, an independent third-party survey company, recently surveyed over 15000 verified PADS users with real-world questions about their PADS experiences. This survey includes responses to questions that all EDA vendors should be asking their users.

Questions like:

Why do you choose PADS over competitive products?

Would you recommend PADS to a friend?

What PADS features save you the most time in PCB design?

TechValidate also collected dozens of use cases that provided detailed results of how named PADS accounts were able to conquer design challenges with PADS. The survey also includes a collection of customer testimonials and users quotes.

Here are a few quotes:

“The benefits of PADS include ease of software use with great depth of functionality. Vast market place usage and customer base. Many well trained users.”   Mike Creeden, Owner/President, SAN DIEGO PCB INC TVID: 759-61F-D78

“My current company uses Altium, and it’s not nearly the package for layout that PADS is. It tries to be everything to everybody, and the layout functions suffer. Only the 3D features save it. PADS is much better at PCB layout. I trust PADS; I always worry about Altium.”   Tom Miller, PCB Designer, Miller PCB Services TVID: 02A-B92-ED6

To review all the PADS survey results go to the Tech Validate Research on PADS web page. All of the survey data is ready for you review, share, or download as you desire.

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