Beyond the vault: PADS Archive Management

The days of manually backing-up PCB design data or running a script that bundles-up a targeted set of design files and generating a time-stamped zip file are long gone. Proper archives are essential to both back-up and manage all of your design data.

Today’s PCB teams require a powerful design-driven storage methodology that not only promotes effective data backups, but also increases productivity by efficiently creating, indexing, and restoring your design archives within a vault.  PADS Design Archive provides the all features you need and more!

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Key benefits of using Design Archive within the PADS flow are:
• Quickly create, index, and store all of your designs data including libraries, reports, CAM data, or any files that you want within a secure vault.
• Enables you to create design branches for testing what-if design scenarios such as changing constraints, running simulation analyses, and analyzing different placement and routing strategies.
• Allows you to quickly search, compare and cross-probe between schematic and layout files
• Facilitates design reviews with mark-up tools for both red-lining and attaching sticky notes.
• Clone designs to create design templates for new PCBs.
• Generate Netlist, Line length, Placement and Design summary reports.

You can learn more about archive management with PADS Design Archive by attending our upcoming webinar entitled: Beyond the Vault: Introducing PADS Archive Management

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